Refund Policy


Cancellations and returns need to be requested in writing by sending an email to with the subject “Cancellation: XXXX (Where XXXX is replaced by your order number)”. Returns need to be requested in writing via email within 7 days of receipt of goods. If you have not received a response from us within 1 business day, please give us a call on 012 362 5885 to confirm whether it has been received.

Please include the following details in your request:
  1. Order Number.
  2. Reason for cancellation/return request.

You will receive an email with the title “Refund requested” with a link for you to complete a form. Once your form has been submitted, the order will be evaluated. Once your order has been evaluated for a refund, depending on the evaluation of the request, you will receive an email with the title “Refund Approved” / “Refund Partially approved” / ”Refund rejected”.

Please note: Wize Books reserves the right to reject any cancellation request if a book has been specifically ordered for you.

Cancellation before delivery/collection has been made:
  1. If books have already been packaged (“Ready for collection”/ “Awaiting Courier”), a 20% handling fee will be applicable for all refunds.
  2. If your order has already been handed over to the couriers (“Dispatched”), we will be able to cancel this delivery, but you will be charged an additional R85) delivery fee for the order to be returned to us and a 20% handling fee will be applicable.
Return process if delivery/collection was already made:
  1. You will need to return the items at your expense to Wize Books Store, 1116 Prospect Street, Hatfield, Pretoria, Pretoria, 0181.
  2. The returned Box should clearly indicate that it relates to a Wize Books return and your original order/invoice should also be included in the box.
  3. Only products in mint re-saleable condition will be considered for refunds. Books being returned need to be packaged appropriately to prevent any damages. Books cannot be covered in decifix/plastic etc.
  4. Please note that if we receive any damaged/covered books, we will not accept them back for a refund and you will need to collect the damaged items on your own cost.
  5. A 20% handling fee will be charged on all products returned.
  6. Please note that you have 7 days to return these items after this email has been sent out to you, and items returned in more than 7 days will not be accepted back.

Due to all the hassle and costs associated with returning books/products, we urge you to please ensure that you purchase the products which you require/that have been prescribed.

All orders not collected within 4 (four) months from the date you were notified to collect your parcel will be pulped or donated. Accordingly, you will NOT QUALIFY for a refund or partial refund of any sort should you not collect your order within such 4 (four) month period.


eBook cancellation requests need to be sent to us within 12 days of purchase by sending an email to with the subject “Cancellation: XXXX (Where XXXX is replaced by your order number)”. Some eBooks/non-physical products can however not be refunded due to the publishers not approving refunds or due to the nature of the products, i.e. software etc.

Purchases made in Store (Over-the-counter):

Any Purchases made in store need to be returned in mint--condition within 7 days of purchase in order to qualify for a refund.

Please note that no cancellation/refunds will be made related to e-Books or Software due to the nature of the product(s).